How loud is the music? Will the music be too loud for little ones?

Not at all! Music will be kept at safe levels for children.

Are there age restrictions?

All ages are welcome.
This event caters for age 0+ but mainly for children ages 0-12.

What is the lighting like? How dark will it be?

Club lighting will be used but we do not use strobe lights.

Can I take my buggy?

We have many people bringing babies and toddlers in buggies. We have an allocated buggy park area at each event. We ask that buggies are not taken onto the dance floor for safety reasons.

What music will be played?

Raver Tots covers all aspects of the rave scene with special events covering Old Skool, House & Garage, Drum and Bass and Happy Hardcore.

Health and Safety

Raver Tots events are risk assisted by a NEBOSH health and safety professional and music is kept at safe levels within the given guidelines.



Please note parents remain responsible for children at all times and children must remain under supervision.

  • Babies are free of charge if carried in a sling. All other children require a child ticket.
  • All kids under 12 require child tickets, children over 12 require adult tickets
  • Strictly no adults admitted without a child. (maximum of 3 adults to one child)
  • The events are often very busy with anything up to 1500 people in attendance.
  • Please note parents remain responsible for children at all times. Children must remain under supervision and we kindly request no running.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and not to be resold.
  • Buggies should be kept in buggy park areas and not taken onto the dance floor as this is a tripping hazard. Buggy’s parked at own risk.
  • For non-walking babies, baby slings or carriers are advisable.
  • Music is kept at safe levels. Bring ear defenders if you wish.
  • Expect club lighting in a rave style environment but we do not use strobe lights.
  • By attending you give permission for Raver Tots to take photos and video of the event for the use of press. If you see a photo you wish to have these taken down please contact us via our Facebook page.