Last week we had 5 questions with Nicky Blackmarket, this week we caught up with his daughter Millz and it’s safe to say she’s inherited the Junglist gene. Millz is a certified selector and brings the energy to our stages alongside Charlotte Devaney, Maddy V and a whole host of other female artists. She’s been nominated for ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ at the Drum and Bass awards and we can’t wait to see what our girl does next!

First things first, how do you have your tea?

I’m a chip off the old block hahah! It has to be a good old PG Tips, with oat milk & a spoon of sugar (if I’m tired lol)

What track always goes off when you play it at Raver Tots?

‘The prodigy – Outer Space rmx’ by Aries, Gaw and Nicky Blackmarket allllways goes off and has everyone screaming, & p.s it’s not just the kids

What artist has inspired you the most?

My dad is definitely my biggest inspo, so big shout to Nicky Blackmarket for getting me into it from a very young age

Is there a particular tune that sparked your love for music?

It has to be ‘Sweet Harmony’ by Ratpack on the Ratpack vs Nicky BM Oldskool Masters Heavyweight Soundclash Album. I remember singing to this CD in my car seat as a kid haha!

What’s your favourite Raver Tots memory?

Every Ravertots event has been incredible, so it’s hard to choose a favourite memory! But my favourite part is always jumping on stage with my girl Charlotte Devaney and dancing like a lunatic in our colourful outfitsCan’t wait for more of that this year!!


Millz and Charlotte Devaney will be back at Raver Tots this year and they’re bringing a whole host of amazing artists with them, here’s where you can catch them:


06/04/24 Leamington

05/05/24 Milton Keynes

26/05/24 Maidstone

09/06/24 Maldon

28/08/24 Southend

08/09/23 Margate