This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Charlotte Devaney ahead of our Raver Tots Spring Tour 2024. It was difficult to narrow it down to just 5 questions with Charlotte as her energy is unmatched and she’s always up to something new! Charlotte started out as a dancer in the legendary group the Narni Shakers (who still dance at Raver Tots today). Since then, she has gone on to become an international DJ and producer, working with everyone from the Ragga Twins to Snoop Dogg. We spoke to Charlotte about what she’s up to in 2024 and it’s safe to say the sky’s the limit!



Firstly we need to congratulate you on your nomination for Best Female DJ at the Drum and Bass Awards! How does it feel?

Hey Raver Tots!! It feels good what a great start to 2024! Firstly because I’ve been recognised for all my hard work in the scene and secondly because many years ago I used to dance at the drum & bass awards, with the Narni Shakers. So to now all these years later be nominated for the best female dj award is pretty mad and awesome! Thank you to everyone who voted !!

Voting is still open for the Drum and Bass awards, click here to have your say

What’s your all time favourite track to get the crowd jumping?

Now you’re asking I have so many !! But probably Original Nutter Remix, I play it every set and go mental to it haha!

I actually think that song was written about me lol.

Do you have a favourite Raver Tots memory?

So many!!!!! But one that springs to mind is a little boy called Oliver, he is 10 years old, and he came to a Raver Tots in Brighton back in Oct. I was there with Millz & Maddy V and he spent the whole time having it like an actual grown up raver at the front of the stage, even singing coolio gangers paradise at the top of his voice into the mic with his friend! He is a bonafide drum & bass raver in the making haha !! There’s been so many moments like this , and that’s the amazing thing about Raver Tots, because we are inspiring these kids , I wish I had Raver Tots when I was growing up!

Raver Tots has such a special place in my heart , it’s so much fun and such an antidepressant for me! It’s 100% one of my favourite events to play at!!

We’re obsessed with the Hologram Sessions, who would be your dream artist to make one with?

Thankyou! Hologram Sessions is such a labour of love for me , born out of lockdown it’s really become something  special! I’ve been lucky to have hosted so many amazing artists on the series so far , but my dream artist would be the Queen Nicki Minaj, can you imagine!!!! 🤯 

What’s next for Charlotte Devaney in 2024?

I’m super busy , planning loads for 2024 already! I have a new single dropping on 26 January, and am working on new music and Hologram Sessions + something else which is pretty insane!! All will be revealed ! 👀. 

Alssssso the word on the street is I have some merch coming out with Raver Tots 2, so watch this space for that!! 

Can’t wait to take over the stages again in 2024 let’s goooooo !! 🤪  

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You can catch Charlotte Devaney at Raver Tots this year:

06/04/24 Leamington

05/05/24 Milton Keynes

09/06/24 Maldon

19/07/24 Maidstone

28/08/24 Southend

08/09/23 Margate