July 25, 2018

Living with ADHD

Parenting children with ADHD can present extra challenges, but remember it’s a behavioural learning difference, not a disability, says Mike Pickets, who was diagnosed with the condition aged 26… As a child, I took nothing seriously at school, I was fearless with a lot of things but this lead to all kinds of calamities. I … Continued

Mini partygoers and their parents can let loose on the dancefloor at Revolution in Ipswich this Saturday, June 23. Children can expect an afternoon of dancing with glow sticks, UV face painting, bubbles, balloons, confetti, giant parachutes, ball ponds, and more. Parents will be relieved to hear that you won’t be dancing along to children’s … Continued

Raves don’t have to come to an end once you have a family of your own now that Raver Tots are around! Founded by father-of-two Mike, Raver Tots celebrates the best of British rave culture whilst also provided a fun place for kids to be kids, with soft-play, glowsticks, bubbles and balloons…perfect fun for all the … Continued

Raver Tots is a family rave founded by club promoter Mike Pickets where kids and grownups can hit the dance floor and let off some steam together! There is tons kids fun including face painting, UV lights, bubbles, balloons, confetti and giant parachutes in a rave style atmosphere with some of the UK’s top DJ’s including residents … Continued

What does a father do when he can’t balance work and family life? As gender roles have become more fluid and men become more active on the domestic front, this has become an issue that increasing numbers of families face. Mike Pickets, founder of Raver Tots takes a calming walk through the woods with his … Continued