Before our Raver Tots Spring Tour 2024 launch, we took the time to chat with the legendary DJ/producer Nicky Blackmarket. Nicky has been a part of the Raver tots family since day one, so we thought what better person to launch our ‘5 questions with’ series.

First things first, how do you have your tea?

I’ll have it fairly strong with milk, and a touch of sugar if its past 3 or 4 in the morning and still gigging

What’s your favourite club to play at?

Omg, too many great clubs out there, did love the Atik that you done as small close intimate clubs goes for the vibes, too many though 😂

You’ve been doing Raver Tots from the very beginning, do you have a favourite memory?

I remember doing maidstone festival and wasn’t expecting to see a dinosaur appearing on stage 😂

What was the first record you ever brought?

The first ever record i bought was Boney M – Ma Baker, many mooooons ago

What’s your best dad joke?

Probably is blaming one of the kids for farting, “was that you???” 😂


You can catch Nicky (and the dinosaurs) at loads of our events this year, including:
09/03/24 Nottingham
10/03/24 Birmingham
06/04/24 Leamington
07/04/24 Southampton
26/05/24 Maidstone
09/06/24 Maldon
28/08/24 Southend
08/09/23 Margate